Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Kid Vids from Eric Herman, Hollow Trees & Recess Monkey

Wanted to share links to a couple of fun new kids vids:

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies have released "Take a Bath," an animated short featyring contributions by special guests Keith & Ezra from Trout Fishing in America, Kenn Nesbitt, Mister G, Roger Day, and more. Hate to bath? Have a kid who hates to bathe? You get the picture. The track is from the band's new album, BUBBLE WRAP.

The Hollow Trees have released a throwback/novelty track, "My Dog Has Fleas." The track was written by noted Los Angeles musician/voiceover actor Will Ryan, known for The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, among other things.

Traci from the Trees sings and performs in the video with a cooperative pooch. Although I doubt he would seek legal remedy for being branded as "flea-ridden." But then again, it's a light little tune. You have two minutes? Here it is:

Recess Monkey is back! And that means new videos! Here is the first video from the new CD, NOVELTIES. We've been singing "Time to Make the Donuts" for the past two weeks, and I don't see that abating now that it's accompanied by moving pictures.

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