Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fiscal Conservatism to the Extreme

I got a hole in the fingertip of one of my gloves.

That cost me $2 for two pair (yarn, stretchy gloves).

Rather than throw the glove away, and switch to the other pair, I decided to patch the hole.

I went to the drug store across the street from my in-laws and bought a roll of green yarn (they didn't have black) for $1.79. I used that yarn to darn the hole.

Now the hole is patched. But that finger is not particularly comfortable. And the green threads poke through, and my son Ben was intrigued that suddenly one finger of my black glove had hints of green at the tip.

But even though the glove is not particularly comfortable, and fixing it cost me more money than if I had just switched to another pair of gloves, I am committed to seeing this ordeal through to completion.

Which will be when the next finger on the gloves springs a leak.