Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Music a Big Bang Boom Period

Yes, I named Big Bang Boom's BECAUSE I SAID SO! my number 1 kids album of 2012.

I'm pleased to announce that the rocking trio have released five new holiday-themed songs just in time for all denominational December celebrations.

You can listen to all five songs at the band's web site: "Santa Didn't Come Last Night," "That's Just Christmas," "It's the Holiday Season," "It's Christmas Time," and "The Holidays Are Here."

Christmas time, the snow is falling.
Grab your sled, the hills are calling.
Christmas time, the bells are ringing,
Children laughing, can't stop screaming.
Christmas time, people singing.
I love Christmas time.

But how do you really feel?

If you liked their debut album, there's no reason not to stop by and hear the band's new stuff. And what the heck – they're giving it away (right now).
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