Thursday, September 06, 2012

Big Bang Boom Rocks, Because I Said So!

There is no applicable response.

"Because I said so."

You've hit a parental dead end.

Big Bang Boom empathizes with kids. They feel the frustration. And so their song of the same title (off the new CD of the same title) laments the titular response - BECAUSE I SAID SO.

I've often said that as a husband, I empathize with kids when I get that response as well.

"I told my mother we would stay at her place this weekend."

"This weekend? But it's a national holiday and they're doing construction on the freeway and the car has been making a funny noise. Why do we have to go to your mother's?"

"Because I said so. Get packing."

BBB takes umbrage at this sort of shenanigans. Surely you jest! But that's the point of their music – rocking out your frustrations, while still getting home in time for milk and cookies.

This goes for all ages. BBB tackles the subject of family road trips, always a prickly topic. Even at 21 months, Matt starts squawking from the back seat, babbling a version of "Are We There Yet," while his older brother sits calmly next to him.

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the power-pop trio took a turn for the kindie side in 2007 and Big Bang Boom have discovered a whole new fan base (which in turn reinvents itself every 5-6 years). Multiple awards followed, including a grand prize in this year's John Lennon Songwriting Contest, for "Monster Under the Bed," from their second CD, SONGS YOUR MOTHER WILL LIKE.

Chuck Folds, Steve Williard, and Eddie Walker want kids to know that it's alright to love your "Hippie Mom," it's alright to let people know that "I Can Sing," and that sometimes they need a push to "Make Me."

For parents who detest "little kids" music, here comes the best news: When played for the first time, you may not even realize it's a children's CD. BECAUSE I SAID SO is inspired crunchy pop music, without hard rap or metal edges to hurt young 'uns tender minds.

Take the plunge. Why? Because know the drill.

BECAUSE I SAID SO is available on September 18 from Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes.

Oh, Chuck's brother is Ben Folds.

Here is the video for "Make Me" from the CD:

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