Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SteveSongs Monkeys Around With Orangutan Van

Mr. Steve is back.

For those of us who see him on a fairly regular basis as part of PBS Kids, Steve Rosionek really never goes away.

Back it's nice to have Stevesongs back with a collection of new songs, ORANGUTAN VAN.

Now a family man in his own right, Mr. Steve delivers a kid-tastic selection of tunes. From the title track to "Flat Stanley," his delivery and lyrics bring children into the musical experience, tossing in a little educational content along the way. "All in This Together (MLK)" takes the words of Dr. Martin Luther King and transforms them into a danceable tune.

Guest stars include Secret Agent 23 Skidoo on "Be A Superhero," and pro basketball player Glenn "Big Baby" Davis on "Soaring With Reading." The Rosionek kids even make contributions, from singing to writing lyrics. Mrs. Steve (and related moms) even make an appearance on "Grumpy Boy."

And I have to make mention of the "Song Without a Rhyme," which we saw performed at Kindiefest this past spring.

We're gonna make a song without a rhyme so we can sing it for you.
Yeah, a song without a rhyme, that's what we're gonna...accomplish.
You know it's gonna be tricky, it's gonna take time.
To make a song without words that end with a repeated sound.

Mr. Steve has entertained kids for 15 years and spent the past five years as the face of PBS Kids through popular interstitial songs. ORANGUTAN VAN is another welcome addition to his oeuvre. Our two-year-old is in good hands (and ears) with Mr. Steve on the scene.

Here is the video from Kindiefest of "The Song Without A Rhyme":

Fresh for the holidays, click here for a free download of Steve's song, "Our World."

You can find ORANGUTAN VAN and his other CDs through SteveSongs Website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

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