Monday, December 18, 2017

It's All Ridiculous Nonsense to Mil's Trills

Amelia Robinson is ridiculous. She also sings about nonsense. Now, in addition to all that, she is giving herself one hell of a Google search combination with the release of her third children's music CD as Mil's Trills with RIDICULOUS NONSENSE.

Amelia knows that too much curiosity killed the cat. But the coolest cats and kittens must retain a little curiosity about the silly world around them. To that end, RIDICULOUS NONSENSE delivers "Stale Bread," "Lost Sock," and "Swallowed A Bug."

Kids ├╝ber-producer Dean Jones helms RIDICULOUS NONSENSE and provides serious fun and delightful unpredictability with noises and instrumentation. The funky "Globals" starts with a list of different "balls" before getting to its stated purpose. Then back to the balls. The CD finishes with the mellow punch of "You Are A Star" and "Love the Music," with sweet harmonies on the chorus:

I love the music
Right now we all could use it

It's tough being a kid and Mil's Trills tackles the hard topics on "Put Your Pants On" and "Make Some Noise," which begs for some czarist Russian dancers in its video. There's also the power of positivity with "This Is My Body," which bristles against the mantra of "eat healthy and exercise." You can't really body shame these days, but Amelia was part of Michelle Obama's "Partnership for a Healthier America" and really, if it's your body you can be proud of it, but do whatever you can to stay in shape. Rant over.

Based on what's going on in Washington, there's room for RIDICULOUS NONSENSE for all of us, down to the smallest tot. Amelia Robinson and Mil's Trills have signed on. Register your vote by clicking through and deliberating on how wonderful it is to be ludicrous and laughable and love your kids.

RIDICULOUS NONSENSE is available on January 21 from Mil's Trills website, Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

Here is the video for the song, "Say Hey!"

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