Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Some Videos from Kindiefest

Andrea, Ben, and I had a blast at Kindiefest on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at Littlefield NYC in Brooklyn, NY.

Here is the band Clementown. I hate to short them, but due to the NYC Bike-A-Thon traffic, we got to their set for the last two songs. And when I plunked myself down, a child promptly stood up in front of me, so the first video was toast.

Next up were Recess Monkey! Of all the bands, Ben seemed the most excited to see them. And they did not disappoint, with a power pop set that held his full attention.

Alas, my first uStream attempt to record a song on my 3G iPhone resulted in only audio. Rather than bore you with listening to the iffy audio, here is the video (camcorded!) of "Marshmallow Farm," which I found myself humming at work today, two days after the show.

More videos will follow.
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