Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kindiefest: Bill Harley

I'll be honest, we have not heard a ton of Bill Harley.

"Oh, he's been around....forever!"

"What a great storyteller!"

"Clever! And so funny!"

Okay, but what is he ABOUT?

Turns out Bill is about anecdotes in kid-sized portions. Stories that kids can relate to, about families and pets and school and friends.

And Ben enjoyed all of Bill's stories at Kindiefest. He especially enjoyed Bill's sideman for the performance, Keith Munslow. "It's Keith Munslow," he informed me, as Bill started his first song. "I wonder if he'll sing something as well." And he did.

Unfortunately, I did not know that uStream quits when you get an incoming phone call! So this video is incomplete. I post it merely for posterity.

"Pea On My Plate" is the full performance. And rather well.

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