Monday, May 03, 2010

Ben's Playlist - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Do I Have A Shadow? - Dorothy Collins
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Suzi Shelton
C'mon - Renee & Jeremy
(There's a) Party In The Playroom - Einstein's Monkey
Holiday - The LeeVees
Roam - The B-52s
Dixie Flier - Randy Newman
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
The Summer - Yo La Tengo
Wishin' Around - ScribbleMonster

We're back to starting with science songs today. I asked Ben if he wanted to hear a Suzi Shelton song, since she just started following us on Twitter. And he was determined to pick "Roam," since last Friday.

Interesting that a day after kindiefest and not a single artist who we saw in person at the show!

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