Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quick Hits: LARD Dog Goes Flatiron, Okee Dokees Go Countin'

LARD Dog and the Band of Shy are back with their third entry in this year's "Song O' the Month" project. "Ode to Flatiron" depicts the enduring architectural splendor of one of New York City's true landmarks. I have a personal connection to the Flatiron building, as I used to pass it every week in my trek to pick up my son from his afterschool program on the lower East side.

The psuedo-classical/crypto-Depression song features opera stylings by guest vocalist Rebecca Pitcher (who played Christine on Broadway in "The Phantom of the Opera"). "Ode to Flatiron" gives a mini-history lesson...look out Lloyd Miller, LARD Dog is nipping at your Deedle Deedle heels.

The preview page includes many factoids about the Flatiron Building. When it was built (1902), the Flatiron was considered one of the world's tallest structures... at 22 stories. And its location (23rd Street) is the basis of the saying "23 skidoo." Although there's no proof there were any spy organizations on the premises, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo included.

Best of all, you can stream the song or download it for free (for the pittance of your email address). Simply go here and read all about it, during the month of March. Who knows what April will bring from the Band of Shy.

The Okee-Dokee Brothers have a new song "Countin' On Me," commissioned by the Minnesota Zoo. The lilting tune has a preservation and conservation theme. With the current Trump administration preparing to dismantle many environmental regulations, now it a particularly good time to pay attention to such matters.

The Brothers (Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing) have a history with the Minnesota Zoo going back three years, to their first appearance at the opening of a nature play area. "Countin' on Me" describes three species native to the State that the Minnesota Zoo has restored or is working to restore in the wild – bison, butterflies and trumpeter swans.

The single is available for purchase on iTunes. All proceeds from the purchase of the single will support the Minnesota Zoo and its wildlife conservation efforts. The Okee Dokee Brothers will be performing a special single release party on Saturday, March 18 at the Zoo.

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