Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kindie Quick Hits: Wilde & Clarke Video, Free To Be You & Me, Dave & the Boombox

Enjoy the lush artwork of Key WIlde as part of the new video from ANIMAL TALES, the recent CD from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke.

The song is a shaggy dog story about "Armando Armadillo" and his epic adventure crossing the road back to his wife and children in a hole in the ground.

For a limited time, you can also download the song gratis (that's for free) from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke's Soundcloud site. Enjoy!

New Jersey music maker Jason Didner (of Jungle Gym Jam fame) recently embarked on a mission to bring back one of the songs from his childhood. Mainly, the theme from Free To Be, You And Me (an iconic public television special from Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda).

Now I remember that special as well. "William Wants a Doll," etc., etc. And in 2013, I reviewed at least two CDs that covered the song (I recall Melissa Green being one of the two children's artists who tackled the tune). Well, Jason and producer Marc "Baze and His Silly Friends" Bazerman recruited kindie tunesmith Suzi Shelton to duet on their version.

Pretty much, "Free to Be" is the preschool equivalent of a teen anthem; "Come As You Are" for headbanging five- and six-year-olds. And who doesn't want to tell a precocious youth that they shouldn't do whatever it is that they wanna do?

If you haven't heard the song, you clearly came from another country or haven't watched public television over the past 30 years. SHAME ON YOU! The single is being previewed for release on Tuesday, November 18 on Bandcamp and iTunes. It's a pleasing little singalong and the kiddies will enjoy it. Visit Jason or Suzi (or Baze's site) for more info as we get closer to the release date.

What's a lawyer to do when he's sick of sticking it to the Man? Well, he dusts off his dated electronics equipment, puts on some sunglasses, and entertains the kids. That's what legal maven Dave Heger does in his alter ego as Dave and the Boombox. With the release of his debut album, MAKE SOME NOISE, Dave (and his imaginary crew) are touring around the scene in Indianapolis, making kids music safe for the midwest.

Indianapolis may not be a hotbed for kid's music but Dave is doing his best to leave a footprint. The title track gets youngsters up and dancing and "Wonderful Day" keeps them there. He channels Elvis to deliver his own version of the classic "Three Little Pigs" with "Giggly Pigs." The closest thing to a rocker is "Playful Stuffed Animals," which gives you an idea of the age range for the CD.

Dave gives center stage of his daughter for the (very brief) "Lily's Song," where apparently the family dog also makes a cameo. That kicks into the closer "A Day At the Zoo," which would not be out of place on a Recess Monkey animal-themed album.

MAKE SOME NOISE doesn't break any new ground, but Dave's earnest and friendly delivery will ingratiate him with listeners of a certain age.

MAKE SOME NOISE is available from Dave's website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Here is the video for Dave's song, "Friendly Little Neighbors":

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