Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kindie Quick Hits: Love That Bob, Mista Cookie Jar Gives Thanks

When I interviewed Sesame Street original cast member Bob McGrath more than a year ago, he made an off-the-record remark about the sad state of his web site. "It definitely needs a polish," he told me.

That day has finally come. You can visit Bob McGrath's new site, as well as his Facebook and Twitter accounts. As a special bonus, Bob is asking visitors to "Like" his Facebook page and share their favorite ways to make music with children. The winner will receive eight of Bob's original music CDs as well as have their entry highlighted on his social media outlets.

For those not familiar with Bob, he's had a much-traveled career that includes Sing Along With Mitch, fame in Japan, an appearance on TO TELL THE TRUTH, and more than four decades as a celebrated figure on children's television.

The CDs in the giveaway include "Christmas Sing-Along," "Sing Along With Bob," "Bob's Favorite Sesame Street Songs," and last year's "Favorite Sing-Along Songs." Do you make music with your kids? Then this offer is yours to lose.

Speaking of can't miss offers, Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips have a new Thanks-giving themed single, "Gratitude," available for download through Bandcamp, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Who hasn't said "thank you" enough? The song makes sure you remember everyone in the queue:

Spread the love everywhere.
Doesn't matter.
Gratitude is contagious.
(Thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya!)

"Gratitude" is a bright and sunny tune that features Mista Cookie Jar and his daughter, Ava Flava. You get a Motown groove mixed with soulful xylophone and tenor sax (All instruments played by Mista Jar). As CJ says, "Gratitude is contagious – catch it!"
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