Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wendy and DB Show Respect for the Kids

Positivity is well-respected as a character trait.

For children's music, it's practically a job requirement.

Some performers, however, make it their mantra to live by. As Wendy Morgan states on her website "I realized that I needed to make a difference in this world. We all need to help each other in whatever ways we can. I want to lead by example in my life by not giving up on my dreams and also inspiring others to move forward." Whew!

Wendy and Darryl Boggs recently released their debut children's music CD, POCKETS SEASONS RHYMES & REASONS. As you might imagine, it's chock full of positivity. Just listen to "People Are People":

People are people, black, white, tan, yellow, or blue,
People are people and I love you.
People are people, big, tall, short, small, between-sizes, too.
People are people and I love you.


The CD is a collection of upbeat originals, as well as covers of "The Green Grass Grows All Around" and a novel take on "All the Pretty Little Horses." And hey! Lyrics come included in the CD packaging (if you don't order MP3s online).

If you want to give little ones positive (there's that word again) reinforcement and drill some basic concepts, then Wendy and DB provide a sensitive base. You can easily build from "Friends" to the rough and tumble of Justin Roberts.

But the biggest perk of buying this CD is knowing that a portion of the proceeds go to VH1 Save The Music to help bring music education into the lives of kids who can’t otherwise afford exposure to the world of music. There's another reason to (dip into your pocket) and spend some money this season. And it rhymes.

POCKETS SEASONS RHYMES & REASONS is available through Wendy & DB's website, Amazon, and CDBABY.

Here is the video from Wendy & DB's song, "Pockets Seasons Rhymes & Reasons":

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