Sunday, June 03, 2012

We’re Not Fighting! (New podcast episode)

When I told my wife that the theme of this episode was "not" fighting with my spouse, she sighed and said, "One of these days I have to start LISTENING to your podcast."

The secret to any lengthy relationship is the ability to see a situation from the other side. Whether it's your child, your pet, one of your parents or a friend, or especially your spouse. "What do you mean I should have thought about that specific aspect that I forgot? You may have a point there!"

Here are a few recent stories about "non-fights" that we've had.

And no cats!

The episode winds down with the return of Cohen/Aubrey comedy bits. This time, "Club Calendar," a parody of the 1980s "In-Cue Club Calendar," which let people know what was going on in the area club scene. We never went to these places, loathed this recurring radio bit, and could not wait to put our own spin on it.

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