Sunday, June 24, 2012

RESPECT (new podcast)

Before I landed my current job, I worked at a small community chain of local advertising-driven newspapers.

Coming right from college, I had limited experience in a formal work setting. But the person directing the work force had limited experience as well, coming from a position as a junior high school assistant principal.

As such, he treated everyone like a 12-14 year old child.

Which works great with testosterone-laden recent graduates.

I recount a story of what happened when those two extremes collided.

There were also several different cat updates this week, and rather then string them out over the next few weeks, I collapsed them into one lengthy segment. And yes, there is a cage once again set up my backyard as we launch another go-round on Sunday morning.

We end with "Teenage Tease," a Cohen/Aubrey movie trailer.

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