Sunday, June 10, 2012

At War With Nature (new podcast)

Maybe nature just simply doesn't like me.

I'm not just talking about the feral cat colony that has taken residence in our neighborhood, causing me to partner with the ASPCA in a trap/neuter/release program IN MY BACKYARD.

It's also the wind conspiring to bring down whole tree limbs onto my property.

It's about squirrels attacking birds nests, causing a parade of pre-birth baby birds to plummet in my grass and onto my deck.

It's about common courtesy from the animal kingdom, which has been sorely lacking since we bought the house.

I also address the recent human/cannibal attacks that have occurred, and how animalistic behavior is perhaps on the rise around us.

And yes, a brief cat update.

Finally, a Cohen/Aubrey bit entitled "The Fred Zone," a bizarre movie trailer that parodizes the Steven King adaptation of "The Dead Zone." Except these visions are all about people named...Fred.

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