Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tale of the Cats (podcast)

In early April, our next door neighbor put in PVC fencing around his property.

The next evening when I came home from work, I wanted to check on how it affected the side of our house. As I walked down past our driveway to the back of our house, a black cat with orange markings stepped through the (new) fencing, followed by two VERY small kittens. And that started our ongoing experience with feral cats.

Here's a shot of the mother cat (and a kitten).
Here is the mother cat and two of the kittens, emerging from behind our neighbor's house at the back of our yard.
C'mon - a tabby kitten waits for me to bring down food.
The mother cat has a bite to eat, not knowing that her next meal is going to land her... a cage (although we let her go, since it was going to thunderstorm and be terribly cold that evening).

Here is the video of the cat in the cage.
I wanted this to be a standalone episode. And indeed it does stand alone. Until the next part, for next week, when I hope to conclude the saga (and have the cats all taken care of).

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