Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kindiefest 2012: Bari Koral Family Band

Kindiefest 2012 has come and gone, so swiftly.

What started as a casual gathering of children's music performers and industry personnel has grown into the appointment destination for "who's who" on the kindie scene.

The conference itself is being covered extensively by the pro bloggers (click through to the main site for links to their articles). By no means do I consider myself at that level. I took Ben to see Caspar Babypants at Symphony Space on Saturday (4/28) and thought about writing a review until the "you have no time" rule kicked in at home.

Anyhoo, we've attended the family concert portion of Kindiefest since its inception. The past two years, the trip has been brutal due to a five-boro bike race that fell on the same day. But the scheduling gods smiled on host venue Littlefield this year, with moderate traffic and decent street parking.

Due to morning commitments and Matt's nap, we managed to make the second half of the four-hour event. Record attendance was obvious. The main room was packed although Ben found some floor space and cemented himself...to the cement. I did laps around the room with Matt through the end of WeBop and the Bari Koral Family Band. Andrea shot some videos and then we swapped so the boys could snack during SteveSongs.

Andrea thought it was funny that she sat down, turned on the camcorder...and WeBop was finishing up their set. In any case, here's their finish.

After a break, the Bari Koral Family Band took the stage and Andrea captured a few songs. This is where we saw the infectious nature of kindie music – performers inviting other artists to join them for a song, which happened numerous times over the course of the entire conference, from what I've read.

Steve Songs and Joanie Leeds then joined the stage for a song.

Joanie returned with Suzi Shelton for the final song, "A Day At the Beach."

In a little while, I'll post a second article with the SteveSongs videos and some more thoughts.
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