Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stop and Remember (New Podcast)

When I started working entry-level jobs, there were very few security precautions or concerns involving paychecks. Now this may just have been the places where I worked, such as a library and a movie theater. It got better when I moved into the corporate arena. But here are some thoughts on paychecks.

I really dig CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. It’s one of my favorite television shows. A bit of commentary on TV and one particular episode that I still find amusing, from the first season of CURB.

When you’re really young, you rely on stories being handed down through the ages. I accused my 2-year-old brother of swallowing a checker when I was four. That episode had some unforeseen repercussions 40 years later, when our parents suddenly “remembered” what happened.
Finally, another health-related Cohen/Aubrey comedy bit, “FLAB.”

Plus a preview of what I’ve got planned for the NEXT podcast, a full-length, epic story about my (currently) ongoing saga with feral cats living in our backyard and the surrounding neighborhood.

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