Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Quick Hits: Lucy Kalantari, Mista Cookie Jar & Father Goose, Hot Peas 'N Butter

Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats are back with a new album next month. Pre-order the first song, "Sounds of Summer," on Amazon. As you might expect, it's got horns a'plenty as well as a bouncy bebop beat. And puts you right in the toe-tapping mod for the release of ALL THE SOUNDS on July 27.

It's a meeting of mic mastery when Mista Cookie Jar and Father Goose team up on "Free Bubbles." You can hear it for free at Bandcamp (or buy it while you're at it). There's a little scat singing in the meeting of Goose and Cookie:

It's like Peter Potter poo Shibe Dee Shibe Dee doo.
It's Father Goose with a lot of love for you.
Mista Cookie Jar is never too far
sharing the love all the way to the stars.
From shore to shore.
From coast to coast.
You know how the story goes!
From California to New York City.
Wow! Bubbles looks so pretty.

Hot Peas N Butter are back with their new CD, BACK TO THE LAND, on July 25. The band sets the tone with the lyric video to the song, "Rainbow In Your Eyes":

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