Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Reserve Your Bunk as Camp Andyland Returns

Andreas Zamenes (Andy Z) understands that children's music is best served with a certain level of camp appeal. That could explain why his latest CD, CAMP ANDYLAND, compiles songs from his previous three "Andyland" releases.

One of the most basic tenants of reviewing children's music is to keep reminding myself "this is not necessarily to amuse you; it's for children." That mantra came in especially handy with songs such as "Cecil (the Serpentine Dragon)" and "La Araña Pequenita," which feature characters not built for anyone over the age of 8.

CAMP ANDYLAND is pretty self-explanatory – a collection of tunes ranging from shopworn traditionals (this is the second consecutive CD I've reviewed with a version of "Row Row Row Your Boat") and originals "Sticky Bubble Gum." For me, the most engaging song was the 60s pop / Wonders (from That Thing You Do) feel of "I Love You Because You're You."

Andy Z has won a host of awards and produced a slew of kid-friendly material. CAMP ANDYLAND could be seen as either a "greatest hits" effort to memorialize songs that always generate a positive reaction in concert or a way to introduce tunes from CDs that may no longer be available from retail and online vendors. Either way, Andy Z is looking for early enrollment for youngsters and hoping that parents are eagerly counting down the days when camptime is a reality.

CAMP ANDYLAND is available on March 30 from Andy Z's website, Spotify, AmazonBandcamp, and iTunes.

The video for "Pirate Song" is here:

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