Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Quick Hits: Holidays Tunes and Micah and Me

Portland, Oregon's Micah and Me is a mix between Red Yarn and Hullabaloo. On their debut CD, MICAH AND ME IS HERE, the fatherly trio (Aaron Canwell, Ryan Chouinard, and Justin Deckart) share a mix of kindie classics ("All Around the Kitchen" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider") with flavorful originals ("Mosquito Waltz" and "My Creature").

Dads everywhere get together to  play music for themselves and their families. Micah and Me was lucky enough to live near recording artist/producer Johnny Bregar, who saw a kindred spirit that could guide them through the process of permanizing their works. One dozen polished songs later, MICAH AND ME IS HERE is here for audiences of (mostly) very young ages. Situated in Portland, but ready to entertain in your living room as well.

MICAH AND ME IS HERE is available from Micah and Me's website and Amazon.

Here is the band's entire performance earlier this year at the Fremont Theater (perhaps separating out a few songs in particular to highlight would help):

The holidays are upon us and so are seasonal movies and specials. Children's recording artist Trudee Lunden (aka the Green Music Lady) has penned lyrics for "Christmas Love Is Calling," a song included in the upcoming Universal home video release, "Santa Stole Our Dog!" (starring Ed Asner as Santa). Composer David G. Steele produced the song for recording artist Allison Orobia. You can find the song for purchase at Amazon and iTunes. Here is more info about the movie.

Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats released an EP of seasonal music, IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! and have made the song "Grateful" available for streaming through Thanksgiving. You can grab the song here at Soundcloud.

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