Thursday, June 29, 2017

Quick Hits: LARD Loves the Beatles, Uncle Dox Does Elephants

As you get older, staying regular is sometimes challenging. It's also challenging when you declare that you will release one song every month, much as LARD Dog and the Band of Shy are starting to realize. Their June song of the Month, "Who's Your Favorite Beatle?" arrives just in time for....July.

Steven Erdman goes old-school (early 1960s era) for the legendary feel of the song. It's probably the least wacky LARD song since his inception and more of a straight rousing rock number with "yeah yeah yeahs" and a limited selection of non sequitors (replaced by historical Beatles references). The download page includes nifty artwork from legendary illustrator Danny Hellman.

You can grab the tune from the website or stream it through this direct Soundcloud link.

Speaking of Soundcloud, you can also access Uncle Dox's new song, "Elephants," at the site as well. It's a veritable team effort (you've heard of herds, haven't you)? Guest choral artists include Lucas Miller, Lucy Kalatari, Vivi Melody, Heather Hirschfeld, and Jason Didner (of Jungle Gym Jam fame).

Minnesota's Uncle Dox has an animal affinity. Between the frogs and squirrels, his music is a mutlifaceted menagerie. And instead of taking a long drive and waiting in the hot sun to stare at animals staring back at you, you can just listen to the tunes in the comfort of your own air conditioning.

More songs are here on Soundcloud. What are you waiting for?

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