Wednesday, June 21, 2017

JungleGymJam Says Welcome to the Pandagarten

New Jersey's Jason Didner is following the example of other children's musicians and beginning to self-produce his own material. As such, by streamlining the process, he is able to make it immediately accessible to his audience. Now he is planning a "single of the month," in the tradition of Mista Cookie Jar and Lard Dog and the Band of Shy.

The first release by Jason and the Jungle Gym Jam, "Pandagarten," tells the bouncy story of Bao-Bao the baby panda. "Pandagarten" is based on a family trip he and his wife Amy took with their daughter Holly to the Smithsonian National Zoo and a firsthand meeting with Bao-Bao.

Initially tentative about self-producing, Jason asked Chibi Kodama maven John Cullimore for tips and advice. I reckon things went well – in that Jason has embarked on such an ambitious endeavor (hopefully he has a bonus track hidden up his sleeve for a rainy day).

Now, you can stream "Pandagarten" or click through below to purchase it for $1. You can subscribe to the band's Patreon page for a monthly amount of your choice and get "Pandagarten" (and every future single) pre-release.

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