Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Quick Hits: New Vids from Alex & Kaleidoscope; Mista Cookie Jar & Alphabet Rockers

We're just past Halloween and the full holiday rush has yet to descend. Just the right time to relax and be grateful. Appropriately, Alex and the Kaleidoscope have a new video for their song, "Gratitude." A slightly twangy, slightly danceable feel-good number, the song features Brady Rymer and Shawana Kemp (Shine and the Moonbeams), who I just met this past weekend at the Symphony Space Just Kidding Kickoff.

The Alphabet Rockers and Mista Cookie Jar are well aware of the hip-widening affects of Halloween candy. Thus they are concentrating on the hypnotic beats of hip-hop to work off those garbage calories (yes, even in Snickers despite the peanuts).

Their new joint video, "Yummy Yummy Fresh" is all about the fruits and veggies. It's social message, festive dancing, and special editing so the kids don't zone out. Or zone diet. Or whatever it is the kids do when they ignore stuff that's supposed to be good for them. So take five (really closer to three minutes) and give them an (educational) break.

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