Friday, November 11, 2016

Father Goose New EP Shakes, Rattles, and Raps

Father Goose in the house!

Following some medical setbacks, Father Goose (Wayne Rhoden) is back on the trail, doing live shows and producing music. Assisted by Little Goose and Lady Asha, the Goose Man has released 7, billed as a four track EP with two bonus tracks (although an additional track would have made it completely symmetrical).

"When the Bough Breaks" get a reworking as a bedtime tale, "Anansi Story." New listeners are in for a delight, from the title track's speed-rapping to the horns and sound effects of "Radio Jock Goose Man Jack."

Goose hails himself as "the king of the dance party" and this quick collection is a bookmark of things to come. It's an appetizer that should get even the sternest toes a'tapping. At 15 minutes, it zooms by. I had to check the iPod (yes, people still use them) to make sure there wasn't a long, low building intro that led to an unheard track. No, I'd heard it all. But it wasn't quite enough.

Most of the material is repurposed from IT'S A BAM BAM DIDDY (his last CD). But you can get the EP for half the cost of downloading that album. In other words, you can get 7 for less than $6 on iTunes or CDBABY. "Get Loose" indeed. Father Goose is prepared to start the party; are your kids ready to groove?

Here's Father Goose and his Goose Trotters band performing "Bam Bam" in Madison Square Park this past summer:

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