Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Kindie Quick Hit: Santa Surfs!

Ho ho what do you know... Santa Claus has a lot of downtime post-Christmas. Did you know he spends it down on the Jersey Shore? Well, that's according to Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam.

Think about it. He needs a way to stay limber and youthful the rest of the year. He needs a change of pace. He needs to blend in with the locals, who won't make a big deal out of his appearance. Where else but New Jersey, home of the largest Governor in the U.S.? Chris Christie on only a beard away from looking like Santa'a son.

"Summertime Santa" is the new single from the band, produced by local maven Marc Bazerman (Baze and His Silly Friends). You get a jolly story and a rousing chorus:

Summertime Santa down the shore
Serving up treats in the ice cream store
Riding around on his bicycle
Away from the arctic icicles
Summertime Santa, Summertime Santa
I'm glad you're on vacation with me

It's a nice slice of Jerseyana on the cusp of the holiday season from Jason and Company and a preview of their upcoming 2016 full-length CD.

You can find "Summertime Santa" at the band's website as well as Amazon and iTunes.
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