Friday, November 20, 2015

Andrew & Polly & Mista Cookie Jar Delight in LA Xmas

First Jason Didner concocted "Surfin' Santa."

Then the Salamanders delivered "Pirate Santa."

Earlier and earlier creepeth the holiday music. Discounted Halloween candy lies in giant piles just past the supermarket checkout (always an odd location for items for purchase). And now cometh the festive times and with them, a bevy of holiday tunes.

Andrew and Polly have gifted us with OTHER DAYS, a four-song sampler that includes the peppy "LA Christmas." Featuring West Coast kindie hip-hopper Mista Cookie Jar, the accompanying video shows the trio ironically putting lights on a palm tree and running on the beach in snappy sweaters.

If you like the song (shut your eyes during the video and it's just like radio), there are three more A&P originals on the EP. It's just over $5 (cheap, as MAD Magazine used to say). And if you're fed up with "more of the same" for your holiday offerings, then you've come to the right place. There, not here, I mean.

The title track celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, but can't wait for the new year and all the promise it brings. "Thank You For the Box" is the tale of frustration that every parent feels when a child is indifferent to a gift but delighted by the packaging – and the hours of imagination play that come with it.

Hey I'm no Grinch. I just put in a request to receive more holiday music to write about. Yes, there is more holiday music coming – and not down my chimney but in my mailbox. Ahahahaaaa!! Forget Festivus, this is music for the rest of us.

OTHER DAYS is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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