Monday, October 26, 2015

My 2015 Fids and Kamily Ballot

The 2015 Fids and Kamily Awards were recently announced. I culled my choices from more than 50 CDs reviewed over the past year. I can't believe I reviewed almost one CD per week, but it was a glut to celebrate, for sure.

A few CDs were either constantly being tracked by Ben (14) for his morning playlists or selected for rotation in our car. Those factored higher in the standings. His younger brother Matt (turning 5 in November) and their mother also had some comments on my "second round" choices of 22 recording artists.

My points were distributed among CDs that we either purchased or reviewed. For the first time, I did review all ten CDs listed in the "judges' final" tally. However several of those CDs did not make my personal ballot.

That being said, it's always an honor to be asked to participate in balloting of this kind. When I think back 9-10 years and our entry into the kindie music scene, I never anticipated I'd have to struggle to "rank" such talented individuals and ensembles. Congratulations to everyone who produced children's music in 2014!

  1. Recess Monkey – Hot Air
  2. Tim Kubart – Home
  3. Billy Kelly and Molly Ledford – Trees
  4. Lori Henriques – How Great Can THis Day Be
  5. Ratboy Jr – Hamster Pants
  6. Renee and Friends – Simpatico
  7. Josh and the Jamtones – Rocksteady
  8. Alison Faith Levy – The Start of Things
  9. Andrew and Polly – Odds and Ends
  10. Mil's Trills – Now That We're Friends
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