Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mista Cookie Jar's New Lullaby, Homemade Vid from Laurie Berkner Band

Something keeps Mista Cookie Jar up at night. It must be the funk in his soul. It comes out even when he's laying down beats in a lullaby, such as his new (and final) song of the month, "It's Only in Your Head."

A reassuring tune allegedly to calm the addled minds of overworked youngsters, CJ soothes with his groove. But at the same time, he just can't help himself. When the toes start tapping, is the kid really napping? But still he insists:

You're a smashing brilliant sensation.
Fill ya heart up. That is your floatation.
Row row your boat up to the starlight.
Let the love you found shine a far light.

As with his past compositions, this Mista Cookie Jar tune is available to just a buck. Find it here. And pleasant dreams!

We are knee-deep into the new CD from the Laurie Berkner Band, FAVORITE CLASSIC KIDS' SONGS (review to come). In the meantime, the band is getting its fanbase pumped with videos from the upcoming compendium (which weighs in at a metamorphic 129 minutes).

Now your family, down to the littlest fan, can watch the band (Laurie, keyboardist Susie Lampert, bassist Brady Rymer, and drummer Bob Golden) as they recorded "When the Saints Go Marching In" in the studio.

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