Friday, September 11, 2015

The Return of Wendy and DB

There's a lot of be said about dependability. Young children relate best to things that involve familiar activities and themes. Wendy and DB (Chicago's Wendy Morgan and Darryl Boggs) have partnered to serenade area kids with their music, and their second CD, IT'S A DOO DA DAY continues their enthusiastic initiative.

The title track segues smoothly into "You Are My Sunshine." The other 11 tracks cover a checklist of children's standard concerns, from animals to family to imagination play. "It's OK Being You" delivers a variation of the "every child is special" theme, although thankfully toned down and moved into the realm of individual colors rather than individual traits.

With bandmates Dean Rolando, Geoffrey Lowe, and Dennis Calito, Wendy and DB are also involved in key charities such as vh1's Save the Music and A Better Life for Kids. It's their way of giving back to the community as well as promoting music awareness and appreciation.

Wendy and DB use their talents to perform dependable, happy music for kids. IT'S A DOO DA DAY will engage and entertain its younger listeners. And look – there's even a "Pink Flamingo" song, to boot.

IT'S A DOO DA DAY is available from Wendy and DB's website and Amazon. You can also follow them on Tumblr.

Here is a video of the band performing the song, "Pink Flamingo":

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