Monday, September 28, 2015

Shukla's Latest a Preschool Delight, New Vids from Andy Z and Laurie Berkner

Two hundred million views can't be wrong. No, I'm not talking about the latest video from Psy (the Korean rap star behind Gangnam Style). It's of course children's music entrepreneur Patty Shukla, who returns this month with her latest CD, I LIKE TO DANCE AND SING!

As you can surmise from the title, Patty aims for the smallest of the fry, the littlest of the tots, the youngest of the 'sters. Her music promotes positive values, simple lessons, and spontaneous emotion reactions. You know the target audience from charming songs like "Mommy's Got a Baby in Her Belly" and "Potty TIme." Older kids may find it too basic, but there's always One Direction for them.

Shukla Enterprises is a family affair, with husband Neel and their kids helping on instruments, vocals, and production. And the band takes it on the road for live appearances as well. When not  using her own progeny as a live petri dish for material, Patty turns to the core curriculum for preschool and elementary students and gets inspiration from development milestones. Hence "Be Responsible" and "Pop the Bubbles," which I can almost picture being performed before scads of elated school kids as bubble blowers are deployed.

I LIKE TO DANCE AND SING! is available from Patty's website, Amazon, and iTunes.

Looking past Halloween and straight on to Thanksgiving, Andy Z has released a new video for "Turkey in the Straw" to promote his CD, CLASSIC SONGS & TRADITIONAL TUNES.

Lord of the children's music rings Laurie Berkner and her band are releasing FAVORITE CLASSIC  KIDS' SONGS on October 23. You don't have to wait for the first video, as "Mahalo" is now live, complete with sign language accompaniment.

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