Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kindie Quick Hits: Videos from Ratboy Jr., Renee & Friends, and Josh & the Jamtones

Holy smokes! This week's kindie quick hits is comprised of three new videos from such artists as Josh and the Jamtones, Ratboy Jr., and Renee and Friends.

Supporting their new release, ROCKSTEADY, Josh and crew have released their video, featuring guest artist Jesse Wagner from the Aggrolites:

Renee and Friends is Renee Stahl (from Renee and Jeremy fame) plus a number of familiar faces. They are released SIMPATICO on August 28. Here is the pre-released of the first single from the collection, "Gather Round," featuring none other than Lisa Loeb:

Last but certainly not least, are Ratboy Jr. When I reviewed their latest CD, HAMSTER PANTS, I specifically singled out the song "Sponges" for its callback to 1980s vocalist Billy Ocean. And sure enough, here's the video to bring that revelation to the masses:

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