Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kindie Quick Hits: Here Comes Trouble, Pop-Ups Videos, Mista Cookie Jar

In the style of Hope Harris and Lizza Connor, Here Comes Trouble is a poppy ensemble from Gaithersburg, Maryland that espouse a mixture of pop, jazz, and hip hop. Their debut CD, GOO ON MY SHOE, tells you what you need to know – what's going on? Is it funky and fun? Is it relatable for kids?

Kelly Donohue and Jon Babu have been together since 1991 although Here Comes Trouble only surfaced in 2010. Their kids had no knowledge of their extensive musical pasts (joint degree programs at Tufts University and New England Conservatory, to start with). Establishing an ensemble and investing in music they could share with their family and community was a way to reach out and reach in at the same time.

Small fry will like selections such as "I Want Dessert" and "Watermelon Felon." Adults will appreciate the sudden launch into a reworded "It's Raining Men" during the title track. It seemed a little incongruous as we sat listening at the family dinner table, but since our kids possibly have never heard (or know the meaning) of the original tune, it went over fine.

GOO ON MY SHOE is available June 9 from CDBABY, Amazon, and iTunes.

Brooklyn's own The Pop-Ups have launched a video webcast series on their YouTube channel! See animated versions of such songs as "Robot Dance," Magic Glove," and the self-explanatory "What's That Smell?"

The spirited duo (Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein) have been bubbling with energy and creativity since 2010 (what is it about that year?). Their entertaining and fast-paced tunes bristle with positive vibes and messages that thankfully don't make parents bristle.

Here's the aforementioned "Robot Dance":

Finally, where does the time go? I meant to drop a mention of Mista Cookie Jar's latest song of the month BEFORE Mother's Day but did not get around to it. Apologies. But in some cultures, every day is Mother's Day, so let's take solace in that empty mea culpa.

For May, CJ (Mista Jar to you) has released "Mama," an ode to, well, his mom. It's the story of how his parents migrated from the Philippines to America. "Mama" features dueling classical and 12 string guitars and is a delightful cultural hodgepodge straight from the heart. As with his past songs, the tune features CJ as emcee, peppering the lyrics with turns of phrase and upbeat delivery.

You can find "Mama," well, CJ's "Mama" anyway, as well as his seven other songs of the month, on his Bandcamp page.

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