Thursday, May 07, 2015

Here Comes Sundrops from Harmonica Pocket

Those wacky kids, The Harmonica Pocket, are back with some nice mellow Earth-loving music for other kids with their third CD, SUNDROPS.

Even though Earth Day has come and gone, Keeth Apgar and partner Nala Walla are raising their son with lots of outdoor time. And you know what that means – no, not bug spray and sunburn. Uplifting, empowering songs about the positivity of nature! And if you can't get down with that, well then you just woke up on the wrong side of the planet. And it was recorded with solar power, to boot!

Produced by Apgar and Johnny Bregar and mixed by the omnipresent Dean Jones, SUNDROPS runs the gamut from "Sing in the Sun" to "Sun Song" to "You Are My Sunshine" to the title track. Catching on to the theme? On the other hand, there's also "Raindrops, "It's Gotta Rain (If You Want a Rainbow)," and "I Love Ukeleles." Wait a minute, what do ukeleles have to do with the rain? Well, have you ever seen somebody upset playing a uke in the rain? There you go.

SUNDROPS is stuffed with appearances from other children's artists such as Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants), Marcy Marxer (of Cathy & Marcy), Alex Mitnick (of the Kaleidoscope Band), and more. Bottom line, rain or shine, the Harmonica Pocket wants to hit your child's musical sweet spot and put a summery song in their ear.

SUNDROPS is available May 19 from the band's website, Amazon, and iTunes.

Here is the video for the band's song, "Diaperman."

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