Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kindie Quick Hits: Monkeying With Penguins, New Cookie Songs, Ray Kickstarter, More!

Confession time: My kids love Recess Monkey more than they love me. How do I know? Because handed an iPad, they will happily watch videos and recorded songs from the band until I literally scream that enough is enough.

We are eagerly anticipating their next CD, HOT AIR, when it arrives on June 16. And now, the debut single, "Penguinese," has been released! A jaunty little number featuring vocalist Drew Holloway and a number of feathered co-stars, the "new kid" speaks his own language but just wants to fit in.

Full disclosure: Before we would allow our four-year-old to view this video, he had to complete a certain task. It involves an activity most kindergarten students take for granted, but one he had been refusing to do. And yet, with the promise of a new Recess Monkey song AND video, he ran to make it happen. Sorry to be so obtuse. Life is like that. And we can't wait for the entire CD.

Mista Cookie Jar returns with his seventh song of the month, "Hold On to Your Dreams." These tunes have become a highlight every time they're released. The only downside is that by burning through them at this pace, by the time the CD compilation is completed, we'll have heard it all (except for the bonus tracks).

The chorus basically tells you what you need to know:

You got to hold on to your dreams.
It’s not as hard as it may seem.
It’s up to you. You got the power.
Life will open like a flower.
Gotta hold on to your dreams.

A nice sentiment. A neat tune. This month's pleasant (expected) surprise from C.J.

Mista Cookie Jar also recorded "Kidz Rock" with Twinkle Time this month (busy guy). You can get the song here, and here's the video:

For the very young at heart, Seth and the Moody Melix are working on their second CD for a summer release. In the meantime, you can still get your preschoolers their first release, HI HELLO, HOW DO YOU DO? It's basic Kids Introduction to Music 101, which doesn't make it bad, it makes it palatable and accessible. The band played as a warm-up for Paula Deen last summer. Yes, the disgraced cooking maven did a live tour with a children's musical act.

Seth and company play a mild, upbeat blend of simple songs, such as "Rhyme Time" and "Little Lady Bug." There's no heavy messaging or double entendre material. It's hardcore rudimentary good old fashioned localized children's music. With only five years under their belts, the band could still be considered novices in the field. Who knows where they'll go next? The upside is definitely intriguing.

mr. RAY is doing a Kickstarter campaign for "NO ROOM FOR BULLIES," an anti-bullying/diversity music and video project. The music is all recorded – the Kickstarter is to fund a PR (public relations/publicity/marketing) strategy. Ray is almost halfway to his goal with 20 days to go (as of this writing). Click through, watch his video, and see what you think.
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