Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Munslow's Monster Toddler, Cookie's Cool Beans

Will parenthood spoil Keith Munslow, or will it just make his children's music more focused? If you answered yes to both, then you are correct. Now the father of a boisterous two-year-old, Keith is releasing TINY DESTROYER, his new collection of tunes.

Keith's live shows are a combination of storytelling, songs, and drawings. His recordings provide a healthy dose of the first two and the tracks on his latest include dealing with groggy parents ("Dad Is Taking a Nap" and "Coffee Breath") and difficult kids (the title track and "Too Much Sugar").

Like his longtime friend and erstwhile occasional collaborator, Keith never met a phrase he didn't like to turn. At first listen, I thought he was singing about an intelligent plan and wondered why he was delving into political and scientific realms. However it's "Intelligent Clam" and the song is about a pet clam and its drive to go to Harvard and become the smartest seawater creature in the deep.

True confession time: We did most of our listening to the CD during the dinner hour, where stories tend to fade into the background during conversation. However "Old Joe's Bones" and "Princess Pepper's Story" held up in separate listenings.

Keith counts Randy Newman and New Orleans jazz among his influences, which is not a bad thing for somebody like me who shivers at world music but wants to expose the kids to a modicum of culture and diversity.  "Get Along Little Kitty" mixes a feline's affection and selfishness. "Seeing Monkeys" is a joyful ode to....food poisoning. Finally, "I Can Still Say I Love You" is a parent's lullaby to their children. And a perfect eye-dampener for any family.

TINY DESTROYER is available April 7 from Keith's website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Mista Cookie Jar is back with his latest song of the month. For March (and the upcoming Easter holiday), it's a quick bitty called "Jelly Beans."

The song jams a rap riff onto a surf beat and some quavering keyboards to talk up a candy lover's delight, complete with a guest vocal from 14-year-old Ava Flava.

You can find the tune here. And remember to brush your teeth after every snack!
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