Friday, March 06, 2015

Eleven Kids Videos, Bazillions of Fun

I could be clever and ask, "How many reasons do I have to recommend the Bazillions?" to lead to the equally obvious answer.

I've come down especially hard on some kid's music acts that slam the gas pedal to push "educational values." But the Bazillions don't skimp on the fun. Yes, their DVD, "The Bazillions' Rockin' Video Collection" offers up such titles as "Preposition" and "Prefix or Suffix." But they also emphasis some fun along the way, with "No Homework" and "Tommy Got in Trouble."

The creation of Minneapolis-based songwriters Adam and Kristin Marshall, the Bazillions had been writing and performing songs for their students at the Kenny School. The kids clamored for a CD, which led to “Rock-n-Roll Recess" and "Heads or Tales."

There's something to be said for well-produced educationally-themed children's music mixed with a little silliness. They Might Be Giants plowed through the genre with great success and left in a dust cloud (soon to return, I hear). Filling that void with clever videos, the Bazillions use superheroes to introduce "Similes and Metaphors" and a bevy of snapshots from an in-store appearance to create "Career Day."

The Marshalls (and their band) tout more than 1.7 million YouTube channel hits for the videos in this collection, compiled as the booming announcer would say, "For the very first time!"

The videos span the duration of the band's existence and hint at more special things to come. There's still time to get in on the ground floor in case the Bazillions decide to grow up. But then at least you'll always have this collection.

THE BAZILLIONS' ROCKIN' VIDEO COLLECTION is available from the band's website and Amazon.

Here is the video for the song, "Career Day":

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