Thursday, March 27, 2014

D is for Django is OK for Kids

You've toured the world with your band.

Your punky, edgy songs have garnered praise and a dedicated following.

What do you do next?

Record a children's record, of course. It worked for Kepi Ghoulie among others. And now comes Django Jones, featuring three members of Girlyman. When one door closes another one opens. The splintering of Girlyman allowed Doris Muramatsu, JJ Jones, and Nate Borofsky to move forward with a creative vision for kids.

D IS FOR DJANGO is in all aspects almost a recreation of a1960s children's album. Most of the songs are prefaced by introductions (not all entirely necessary), although they do give the band a chance to demonstrate some banter. I've found that banter works better as part of a stage performance. However Django doesn't skimp on the music in the process, with the CD clocking in at close to an hour – with only 12 of the 27 tracks being banter-related.

I'm taking the band at face value that their CD is not an ironic commentary on their Girlyman following (adults with child-like mentality). The new album takes a Peter, Paul and Mary approach to three-part harmonies with a folkie sensibility. Although I don't recall Peter, Paul, and Mary crooning about "Germs," "Potato Leek Soup," or "Bigfoot." A good example of the band's output is "Smaller Breed":

Sometimes I don't know how to lead
I was born to the smallest breed.
And no one thinks I have the guts
To stand up tall.
But you should see me when I play
'Cause no one stands in my way.
Like a dragonfly who soars above it all.

At its core, Django could really all be about Doris Muramatsu winning a battle against leukemia. I can't imagine the ordeal of treatments that she underwent while still touring with Girlyman. But it's no wonder these three reconfigured to take on a potentially deadlier foe – small children with short attention spans. With any luck, Django Jones will get to tour the world again and build a second following that can follow them (with parental supervision, of course).

D IS FOR DJANGO is available from the band's website. More outlets will follow.
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