Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Rock is the Way to Roll

Teaching music and learning music are two different things.

I had a slew of music teachers, both in school and at various summer programs.

However I was from the pre-"Music Together" era. if my mother did take me (and my younger siblings) to any of these programs, I have grown too decrepit to remember the experience. Side note: If you go to their Web site, Music Together is celebrating 25 years. I am almost twice that age.

Anyhoo, Chris and Jessie Apple met while teaching preschool music classes in New Jersey. They married and formed the Little Rockers Band as a way to further promote music education outside the traditional classroom setting.

The group just released its second CD, PLAYING IN THE BAND (which comes with cool Colorforms versions of the band that can be adhesed to the stage on the inner CD jacket.

Little Rockers have noble intentions and easy to digest lyrics, such as "Blame It On My Sister":

Some times I get in trouble and my mom gets really mad.
But I just can't help myself, I don't think that I'm being bad.
That's why I blame it on my sister.
Won't hear my parents yell.
She's just a little baby
And I know that she would never tell.

Matt (who's two) immediately took to "Shakin' Shakin'," although the wife and I both noticed the AC/DC guitar chord progression from "You Shook Me All Night Long." An homage, perhaps? The band has posted a video for the song, which was shot at the Jersey Shore, later ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

The Little Rockers sing about how love is the greatest thing in "Talkin' Bout Love." A close second would be love of music and how it binds a family and a community. If you get a chance, help share a little love. That's today's music lesson from the Internet.

PLAYING IN THE BAND is available from the band's Web site, CDBABY, Amazon, and iTunes.

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