Thursday, September 20, 2012

Music for Good Little Ghouls and Boys

What's a punk to do when his band breaks up?

If you're Kepi, late of the Groovie Ghoulies, you soldier on (like one of the living dead, I suppose).

The band's dissolution was a side effect from the breakup of his marriage to the band's lead singer. But Kepi continued his recording and performance schedule. And you would never guess that after his last solo effort, I BLEED ROCK 'N ROLL, he would turn to childrens' music.

KEPI FOR KIDS stays pretty far afield from punk. Except for a quick Ramones tribute in "Dee Dee Taught Me How to Count," the CD is standard kid fare. That is, with a song called "The Beast With Five Hands."

While Kepi is pictured on the cover playing an electric guitar, however, the sound is strictly acoustic. That proves to be a liability, as the songs mostly blend together with similar strumming and drumming. Clever, simple wordplay make "Nuts for Nuts" and the followup "Nuts for 'Nuts for Nuts'" enjoyable. And most kids don't need much encouragement to "Spazz Out."

Former Skankin' Pickle Mike Park's Fun Fun Records is a haven for punks of all denominations. And definitely kudos for Kepi and his concept of "Kepiland" for the little Keppers. I envision a busy tour schedule from September-November, unless he's willing to rechristen himself as "Kepi AND the Ghoulies." And if not, perhaps some more songs like "A Little Bit Weird" that cultivate the Ghoulie brand. That would be truly groovy.

KEPI FOR KIDS is available for pre-order from Fun Fun Records and will be released October 9.
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