Sunday, July 01, 2012

WQMC Memories (Podcast)

The first day I started at Queens College (City University of New York), I made two stops between classes, down at the Student Union Building: PHOENIX, the weekly student newspaper and WQMC Radio (visit their website at

I was interested in both fields for a future career. But while I was able to start writing articles for the paper immediately, WQMC did not give me a show as a DJ for two years. In the meantime, I did a lot of engineering work and newscasts. Plus I recorded a bunch of comedy bits that could be played between sketches that I wrote with Jon Aubrey, which were performed at LEVELS, a youth center on Long Island (visit their Web site at

The bits were very popular, which was flattering. But soon I realized that many of the jocks were playing the bits so they could include them on demo reels to send to radio stations across the country, when they looked for jobs.  Which meant I could be competing against myself, with my own material. This theory was borne out when I erased the batch of bits I had stashed in the production studio. One of the jocks confronted the programming director and said, "Where are MY BITS?"

We had a great time writing and recording the bits, knowing that the sky was pretty much the limit, as long as we kept our language in check - as if the FCC was really listening to our carrier current signal that didn't get out of the building.

I wrote an article in December 2011 for the blog talking about some of these experiences. Here it is:

In any case, this week's podcast tells the story of how we started doing the bits, how he decided to keep most of them to ourselves, and why I wound up in print media instead of radio - until entering the podcasting arena.

We close with the Cohen/Aubrey commercial parody, "Roto-Sweet," perfect for these hot summer days.

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