Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Podcast - Troubles and Annoyances

Customer service.

Such a simple concept that often gets turned into an oxymoron.

This week’s podcast includes several examples of encounters with customer service. One ultimately had a happy ending, but involved an investment of time that gave it diminished returns. Another was a swift handling of an automated system, which I credit as a minor victory. Finally, the longest segment deals with the bureaucracy of collection agencies – voracious, tenacious, but unwavering in the face of (unprovable) truth.

Our comedy bit this time around is “Cholesterol.” Jon remembers the following, “For me that was a pretty straight up reaction to all those happy "bad food" association ads that were all over TV at the time – beef, eggs, milk, pork. Our soda parody, FLAB COLA, had a little of that too.”

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