Friday, April 20, 2012

Hungry for Healthy Music

Have Another Helping of Orange Sherbet Long story short, Orange Sherbet's new CD is the product of people helping their neighbors locate food grown regionally (within a 100-mile radius). A delectable concept has evolved (organically) into a movement and, as a tangent, launched a musical side dish.

Orange Sherbet's Tamsen Fynn’s friends Sarah Klein and Jessica Prentice created The Local Foods Wheel with their friend, graphic designer Maggie Gosselin. The tool helps discovers local, seasonal food in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Upper Midwest, New York, and soon, Southern California. Tamsen spent hours at the kitchen table with cookbooks and a list of foods, on a quest for dishes that were mouthwatering and would lend themselves to musical treatment.

In the meantime, Orange Sherbet has recorded five CDs in the past decade-plus. The latest, DELICIOUS, features 17 culinary-inclined tracks.

Your mouth will start watering just by reviewing selections such as "Rice & Beans," "Waffle Day," "Honey Bee," "Stone Soup," and "Garden Song (Inch by Inch)."

Orange Sherbet raps through a whole menu of items in "Through the Seasons."

Farmers live in the San Francisco Bay
99 miles or less away
Locals all shop for food in town
Through the seasons all year round.

DELICIOUS is the concept and delightful is the conception. The CD offers a full plate of musical choices for school-aged children. And best of all, this Orange Sherbet is sugar-free! The CD will be available on May 15 through their website, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.

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