Friday, March 30, 2012

Road to WrestleMania: 2012 Leads to 2013

Reports are that Brock Lesnar is in Miami and is negotiating with WWE.

WWE is happy with the one-year buildup to Cena v Rock for WrestleMania 27, and they clearly want to duplicate that success in 2013.

WWE wants to shoot an angle on next Monday night on RAW (April 2), which is generally the highest-rated episode of the year, coming on the heels of WrestleMania.

This may explain why The Miz was added to "Team Johnny," after WWE was doing a storyline that after headlining WM last year, he couldn't even get on a match this year.

Lesnar may be put in Miz's spot at WM - the guy who interferes in the main event, costing The Rock the victory against Cena.

The Rock would then show up Monday night and ask Lesnar to explain himself, leading to a physical confrontation. In all likelihood, John Cena would be the middleman, getting the two to agree to work the main event NEXT year (Rock v Lesnar). Remember that when WWE first brought in Lesnar, Rock was the one who put over Brock, which started him on his rise to the top.

Lesnar can also use his post-WWE success, as a guy who left and got even more famous in MMA - as the storyline material.

I could see them doing dual main events in 2013: Rock v Lesnar and Undertaker v Goldberg. Bill Goldberg has mentioned in conversations that he would like to come back for one more big match, since his son is now old enough to watch pro wrestling.

Add a potential Steve Austin v CM Punk match to the card and you already have three strong matches for 2013, with neither the World nor WWE Championships matches even being discussed.
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