Friday, March 30, 2012

Mommy, Me, and Sukey

Wow. What a misleading heading. One could think I was writing about a child with two mommies. Or doing something really strange.

In reality, I am experiencing a strange reorientation process. Ben is now 11 years old and listening to the music that is (mostly) appropriate for that age group. Over the years as he grew up, we have over-indulged (and then purged) ourselves of Elmo, the Wiggles, the Doodlebops, and dozens of other small fry favorites.

Now his brother Matthew is 16 months old. And is starting to watch SESAME STREET. So the process is starting anew. And a decade later, we are beginning to notice things. Like the technology that has changed the show. Who is Murray? Why do they need a narrator? And why do Muppets needs legs? Especially in segments like Abby Cababy's animated sequence every episode.

Be that as it may, we are also fine-tuning Matthew's musical tastes. We "repurposed" most of Ben's oldest CDs long, long ago. But my second (small-time) career as a children's music reviewer has given me the opportunity to find newer artists, specifically for our new small fry.

Sukey Molloy began working with children in 1985 and embarked upon her career as a children’s music performer in 1994. A trained dancer, Sukey has designed and taught music and movement programs in nursery schools, after-school programs, and elementary schools, and, in 2005, launched her own, Nyack, NY-based PlayMove&Sing program of “Mommy & Me” classes.

In April, Sukey is releasing her third CD of children's music, I AM HAPPY! The 18 tracks skew directly for the very young. For a parent who has not heard giggling or hushed, intense instructions on his kid's CDs for quite some time, it took until "Jack and Jill" for me to get comfortable again with the concept.

There was a period of time when my wife had the flu and I assumed all responsibility for taking Ben to his various activities. This included Mommy and Me classes at a nearby location. He loved the interaction and the instruments and we can't wait to take Matthew for his first sessions. You can definitely hear the clear "Mommy and Me"-style pathway for kids who listen to I AM HAPPY! and follow the directions. Sukey is cheerful, earnest, friendly, and a gentle guide for the toddling set.

Sukey has won a number of awards, including the Nappa Award (2009), the Mom's Choice Award (2010) and the Preferred Choice Award (2011). Her website includes videos and songs, as well as lyrics for parents and teachers, as well as a blog and information about her current classes and workshops.

I AM HAPPY! is coming out on Tuesday, April 17 through Amazon, CDBaby, and Sukey's own site.
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