Friday, September 30, 2011

Recess Music Builds Up Your Kids

An Extra Boost of Self-Esteem

If you listen to any comedian who talks about their families, they will tell you that kids today have too much self-esteem. "Why are we complimenting kids for doing things that they're supposed to do? You made the bed? Great - one less thing I don't have to do." If you listen to any business expert, they will tell you that the problem with Generation X is that these are twentysomethings who were told they're great, so they don't want to start in the mailroom - they all want to be VPs NOW. Watch MEET THE FOCKERS and there's the telling scene where Greg's parents are showing off his trophies - all of them eighth or ninth place. "Really? They have eight-place trophies?" asks bemused Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro). That gets the comic punchline, "Oh, they have trophies all the way to 12th place!"

Yet Recess Music believes that children still need as much positive reinforcement as possible. They have added on to their "Best Foot Forward Series" with "U R Some 1," a dozen gentle songs that tell kids, "You are somebody and there's nothing wrong with you!"

Recess Music aims to entertain, encourage, and educate children and families through Earth-friendly music. Founder and CEO Nancy Doan hit the ground running in 2010. The company has released six CDs, four in its "Celebrate Earth" series and "BIG BULLY," the two in its "Best Foot Forward" series, BIG BULLY being the first.

The description reads, "All human beings can be equipped to appreciate a world that is wise and fair, and generous hearted. This disc highlights the importance of self-confidence, and helps kids realize that even though they might not feel like it at times, they are important to others." Not a bad quality and any compilation with Peter Himmelman can't be all bad. Yet one can already imagine the lyrics when a song is entitled, "Arms Are For Hugging."

BIG BULLY, the first CD in the series, has great tracks from artists such as Renee & Jeremy, Milkshake, and the Hipwaders.

Recess Music has some lofty, yet reasonable expectations. And realistically, every kid could use 40 minutes of inspirational, non-religious themed music once in a while. In those instances, you could do worse than put your best foot forward once in a while.

U R Some 1 is being released on October 18 through Amazon, iTunes, and other retailers.
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