Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mahalo to Maui from DidiPop

Songstress Shares Hawaiian Tunes

First, let me just say it was difficult to string a few sentences together the past few months that didn't include the words, "the baby." Matthew is home and doing well, and we're all looking forward to watching him grow and learn, especially about this thing called music that his older brother, Ben, loves so much.

Which brings me to DidiPop (recording artist Deborah Poppink) and her new CD, "DidiPop Goes to Hawaii." A prolific, award-winning songwriter/music teacher, Deborah started a second career as a children's recording artist - but the nickname preceded the career direction. While traveling around Asia (she has 28 stamps on her passport), the name "Deborah" was too difficult for some of the natives to prounce, so she became "Didi" with a side order of "Pop" from her last name.

Deborah's second CD takes listeners on a (short) trip to the islands of Hawaii, experiencing the language, culture, and musical stylings of the state. You get a "Keiki Hula," a ride of the "Sugar Cane Train," taste "Mango," and learn with the "Hawaiian Alphabet Song." Want a surf tune, styled circa Dick Dale? Try "Cowabunga."

Recording artist Eric Herman drops by for vocals on "Way Up High," about tropical birds and their melodies. Ben appreciated the appearance, as "The Elephant Song" is one of his favorite children's tunes from his single-digit years (he turns 10 on Monday, January 10).

Deborah started playing the electric organ (a gift from her aunt) at age 3. In addition to composing music for film and television, she circled the globe playing and has taught more than 10,000 piano lessons. Her interest in children's music is not surprising when you consider that Deborah was 40 and single - and then married with two girls and two stepsons at age 43.

Every vacation comes to an end, and DidiPop brings you home with "Going Home" (wouldn't you know it?) and the simple refrain that all children can learn:

I can't wait

To walk through the gate

Going home

If you want to share easy listening kid's tunes that will keep you warm this winter, spend some time with DidiPop and company.
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