Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keller: Kids Are Music People, Too

Keller Williams Keeps Perspective From A Kid's View

Bluegrass anarchist Keller Williams returns to childrens' music this month with his 16th release, Kids. The (relatively) short CD zips through a host of kids' concerns and kids' interests and kids' amusements. And he makes the young animals on the cover immediate guests at the party with the first song, "My Neighbor Is Happy Again," with the refrain

So I had to dig a moat to keep in my goat

and I had to buy a boat because my goat didn't float

but my neighbor is happy again.

Songs stay strictly for the toddling set, such as "Car Seat," "Because I Said So," "Taking A Bath," and "Keep It On the Paper." And for people who always wanted a rational explanation of farting set to music, Keller presents "Mama Tooted."

It can sound like a duck

It can sound like a frog

It can sound like an elephant or a sigh

I am gonna blame it on Mama alright

Keller is currently touring with the Yo Gabba Gabba stage show as a "super music friend" and I can't see how he wouldn't be a hit with that age bracket. In the meantime, spend 30 minutes with Keller and your tots will relax. As he writes in the jacket notes, "So if this music makes you [kids] happy, then try and use your happiness to make someone else happy, too."
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