Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Bazillion Reasons To Rock Out

Twin Cities Produces More than Prince

Use your imagination.

That's the idea behind the Bazillions' "Rock-n-Roll Recess."

"You won't believe how far we'll go," singer/songwriter Adam Marshall intones on "Super Sonic Rocket Bike." And that's a concept that kids of all ages can grasp as they race downhill...and they don't have to be 44 inches tall!

"Tommy Got In Trouble" points out that actions have consequences - balls hitting lamps and fish bowls, etc. "

Don't you know he's a good kid,

But sometimes things just seem to go astray.

Twin Cities parents Adam and Kristin Marshall started writing songs for kids when they joined the Kenny School in Minneapolis. Joined by indie pop band The Humbugs (Matt Baccoli, Tim Formanek, and Mike Senkovich), they rebranded themselves as the Bazillions and released their first CD earlier this year.

Perhaps a little too "hard" for toddlers, the Bazillions work well for the active kid set. The protagonist of "It's a Mess" brags "I'm a big success/at making a big mess."

There is a rich trove of kindie artists across the country who are currently making fresh, non-"babyish" rock music that works in the car and the home. From Recess Monkey in the Pacific Northwest to the Bazillions in the heartland and AudraRox in Red Hook, Brooklyn, you don't have to throw a ball - and get in trouble - to find music to rock out to with your children. The Bazillions are a welcome addition to Ben's expanding CD rack of contemporary kindie rockers.

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